Photos from our 2016 Stream Operations

Published May 12, 2017

Steam locomotive Monson #3 puts on an impressive display of smoke while running light southbound. Normally we operate our locomotives northbound. This shot took place during the 2016 Narrow Gauge Convention, and probably captures preparations for a special photo freight run by. Photo credit: Gordon Cochrane.

The fireman keeps watch as locomotive Monson #3 backs down the service track to receive a fresh load of coal. Photo credit: Savery Moore.

Replica locomotive #4 poses next to Monson #3 during the 2016 Narrow Gauge Convention. Locomotive #4 is pulling a passenger consist that includes two coaches and a caboose. Locomotive #3 is pulling a photo freight special. Many of the 100 passengers disembarked along our right of way to photograph and video the freight special. Photo credit: Savery Moore.

The Return of Monson #3

Published: July 14th, 2016

The New Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad is pleased to announce the return of Steam Locomotive Monson #3 to Phillips on Friday, July 15. The locomotive is expected to arrive early in the afternoon, after which it will be transferred to our rails, inspected and fired up. This marks the first time that Monson #3 will be operating in Phillips since it left for mandated boiler maintenance a number of years ago. Pending the successful transfer, inspection, and shake down runs on Friday, we anticipate operating passenger trains for the enjoyment of the public on Saturday, July 16. We are all very excited about this development and hope that some of you will be able to join us for the return of steam operations in Phillips this Saturday. Please note that Monson #3 will not operate on Sunday, July 17, but we do plan to operate on that date using an internal combustion locomotive. Additional operating dates for Monson #3 will be announced via our Website and Facebook pages.

Monson #3 Operations Update

Published: June 21st, 2016

At this point Maine Narrow Gauge will be operating #3 for the July 4th weekend. then moving to Phillips for the remainder of the season. So, July 16 – 17 on should be steam ops.

Update on the Return of Monson #3

Published: March 12th, 2016

Newsflash: As of Tuesday May 31, we are still working through regulatory, logistical, and other issues impacting the return of Monson #3 to Phillips. State regulations require the boiler to be inspected at the present location in Portland, and then again upon arrival in Phillips. Naturally the physical movement of the locomotive to Phillips is contingent upon the first inspection, and the scheduling of that second inspection is contingent upon the arrival back in Phillips. We will continue to keep you all informed of the long awaited return of steam to Phillips this season.

Monson #3 Steams Again!

Yes, it’s for real now: members since we started July 1st! Monson #3* is running and she sure looks beautiful. There aren’t many ways to add words to pictures, 2,000 if my count is right!

Follow the link to see the video: